Wall Tattoo, Self-adhesive
Wall tattoo instruction

A wall tattoo is made of a very thin decal. The wall tattoo sticks to various surfaces, such as ingrain wallpaper, wallpaper, wood, glass, plastic, metal and fine plaster. The wall tattoo for your wall decoration does not stick on latex paints or fleece wallpaper which has silicone in it. The surface should be free of dust, grease and silicone.

Place the wall tattoo face up on a flat and firm surface. Rub the tattoo with the squeegee firmly onto the transparent transfer foil (sometimes called masking paper). Please ensure that the transfer foil adheres very well to the wall tattoo. Make sure that there are no air bubbles.

Now turn the tattoo on the back and gently pull off the white foil (also called backing paper) in a 30 degree angle. If the wall tattoo does not stick on the transparent transfer foil, please roll back again and press down firmly.

Place the wall tattoo on the wall in order to determine the desired location. Now use the squeegee to put the wall tattoo onto the wall and rub from the inside out. For smooth surfaces (tile, glass, furniture, drywall) this is actually easier to do than with a rough surface.

Now peel off the transparent foil carefully with an 30 degree angle. If the tattoo lifts of your wall than simply roll back and re-apply firmly with the squeegee or your fingers. This is the hardest part to apply your tattoo, but with some sensitive hands it is possible!

Our tip:
We recommend to use a hair dryer for a few seconds to warm up your wall tattoo when your surface is rough or ingrain wallpaper after you have removed the transparent transfer foil. As a result, the wall tattoo is soft and you can proceed with the next step.

Press the wall tattoo onto the wall using clean rag. The heated wall tattoo now adjusts to the surface/wall and it looks almost as painted.

Wall tattoos can be removed free of residues. Please note that a wall tattoo does not stick on latex paint and various fleece wallpaper!

Take your time and work accurately! A second person should help when your wall tattoo is very big!

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