Strass - Iron On Transfer - Instruction
Instructions for ironing of Hotfix to paste stones, metal Studs, Nailheads hanger pictures and applications

1. Cut transfer foil with the motive on the desired size. Draw off the white protective foil.

2. Place the motive with the sticking side of the transfer foil on the desired place, there where it should be ironed.
Or the paste stones / metal Studs directly on the textiles hang up.

3. Put your iron on step 3 (cotton no steam)

4. The Hotfix stones own an adhesive layer, it by heat effect starts to melt. If the glue is liquid, the stones combine permanently with the textiles. Cover the motive / stones with a cotton cloth or pan liner. To prevent that with the ironing the molten glue penetrates by the material and the lying underneath Textile is damaged, lay please also always a piece of pan liner between the material situations.

5. Place the iron directly on the motive or the stones. Importantly always without steam and on a hard base iron. Iron with light pressure the motive approx. 20-30 seconds with the iron, allow to cool and again 20-30 seconds iron. The iron, besides, not to and fro move that is important particularly with Nailheads, because, otherwise, something lose to colour. With very thin materials approx. 15 seconds iron, something allow to cool and again from the left approx. 15 seconds iron.

6. Please allow to well cool everything, (care always the stones and Studs cool, leave because of the combustion danger!!!) now draw off the foil slowly and carefully. Stones still on the foil stick, must be ironed once again with the hanger point. Nailheads need always a little longer to them properly stick. If possibly you turn now the garment and iron again from the back approx. 30 seconds after. Test: After cooling, with the fingernails or with a needle test whether the application sticks. If not, then the process must be repeated. But always cover with a cloth and do not move the iron. Please, the garment always from links wash at 30 degrees and not in the dryer!!

Iron the motive not on 100% of nylon, leather, plastic and other materials sensitive to warmth.